Plantation Shutters North Shore, Sydney


We offer a large range of plantation shutters for the North Shore.


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100% Basswood Painted Plantation Shutters

Basswood is ideal for Plantation Shutters due to its weight, density and strength.  Our Painted Plantation Shutters are built to last, with a quality paint finish.


100% Basswood Stained Plantation Shutters

Our Basswood Stained range is produced from hand selected Basswood timber.  Basswood is ideal for Stained Plantation shutters due to its weight, appearance and unlike cedar it in not prone to bruising.  All timbers are hand sanded to ensure a smooth finish which highlights the grain.


Aluminium Plantation Shutters

Country 2 Coast supplies a quality Aluminium shutter at a very competitive price.


North Shore Plantation Shutters

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